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17 Jan 2019
  • Business Roundtable: Building the Business Case for EVs and Smarter, Cleaner Mobility

In this roundtable, participants will share insights, knowledge and challenges around how to build the business case for investing in low-carbon, sustainable mobility technology and EVs. How do you calculate the TCO vs up-front vs long-term/lifecycle costs and benefits of EVs, autonomous and connected vehicles and infrastructure? How do you demonstrate ROI?  How do you get business buy-in?

  • Infrastructure Roundtable: Laying the Foundations for a Smart Mobility Future

In this roundtable, participants will discuss the key physical infrastructure, hardware, software and town planning challenges and opportunities for cities, regions and states. What policy, funding, technical, legal and political impediments are there to delivering the next generation of connected, autonomous and electric mobility - and how can we overcome them? Is it possible to future-proof your infrastructure? What public/private partnership options will work best?

  • Disruption Roundtable: Changing the Paradigm: Automobiles as Asset, to Vehicles as Platform and Service

Is the era of personal and business ownership of automobiles coming to a close? Are we moving from mass transit to MaaS transit? Are consumers ready to completely abandon private ownership of cars and move to platform-based, app enabled, on-demand car sharing? And what of giving up the driver’s seat altogether? As autonomous vehicles come online and into mass use over the years ahead, will drivers readily give up the steering wheel to algorithms? What incentives or disincentives are there to going autonomous?

  • Sustainable Mobility Roundtable: Accelerating the Low-Carbon Transport Revolution

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all people by the year 2030. The transition to low-carbon vehicle technology and the infrastructure that supports it, are key to delivering SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities & Communities) and SDG 9 (Industry Innovation and Infrastructure), with big implications for many of the other goals as well. This roundtable will explore the sustainability drivers for EVs and low-carbon mobility. How can businesses and governments help tackle the problem of global climate change, by accelerating the move to sustainable, low/no-emission mobility? How can they use the SDGs to help inspire change and focus action? Why is it fundamental for the meeting the obligations of the Paris Climate Agreement?

Andrew Stevenson, Mobility Projects Director - Mott MacDonald
Deepti Mahajan Mittal, Programme Leader, Climate and Energy - Emirates Nature-WWF
Fares Al Mazrooei, Founder & CEO - VOLT
Jorge Bialade, General Manager - YallaMotor
Menna Dessouki, Senior Cities Consultant at BuroHappold Engineering - BuroHappold
Raed Bkayrat, Managing Director - Clean Energy Business Council
Rafael de Mestre , CEO - eco Grand Prix / 80edays
Sandrine Le Biavant, Director of Consulting - FARNEK
Steve Severance - Masdar
Vilhelm Hedberg, CEO - ekar


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