Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Road Trip ticket include?

Your ticket secures your seat in a variety of electric vehicles, 4-5* hotel accommodation, all of your meals (we promise the finest Arabian culinary delights), tickets to our eMobility Festivals and all of the exciting adventure activities we have lined up for you!

What date is the Road Trip?

The Road Trip is from 17 - 24 January. It is broken down into stages and it is possible to join for one of the stages or the full trip. Stage one: 17- 20 January. Stage two: 20 - 24 January. We will also be hosting the Dubai eMobility Festival on the 24 - 25 January, so please feel free to stay after the road trip and join us for this experiential festival

What distance is the Road Trip?

The full trip is around 2000km (1243 miles)

Do I need to book my own flight?

Yes. The Road Trip begins in Abu Dhabi on 17 January and finishes in Dubai on 24 January.

Do I need a Visa?  

Most passports will be granted a visa on arrival to the UAE. But please double check your requirements on the UAE government website here.

Where will we meet?

The registration for the Road Trip is at WFES in Abu Dhabi. The Road Trip will be launching from the Mobility conference that the EVRT Middle East are hosting. For more information on the schedule, you can check it out here

What is the Challenge?

The Road Trippers will be put into small teams and have to work together to build points for themselves and their team across the 8 day road trip. The teams can gain points for optimising on their vehicles efficiency and for getting to check points within the regulated speed check

What size are the teams?

Usually 2-4 people

Can I have my own vehicle and team?

1 person is allowed only if they join with their own electric vehicle, otherwise its 2 minimum.

When will we know who is the winner of the challenge?

At the end of stage one (20 January) we will announce a half time winner of the challenge in Muscat. The Grand Finale will be in Dubai on 24 January. The Road Trippers will do a glory lap into Dubai where they will be welcomed by the press and eMobility Festival goers. The individual Road Tripper, team, and electric car will then be crowned the reigning champion of the EVRT Middle East 2019 challenge!

Which electric vehicle will I be driving?

You will have the opportunity to try out a range of electric vehicles! We will have Teslas, Chevrolet Bolts, Renault Zoe's and some other exciting options soon to be revealed!

Where are the charging stations?

They are spread across the route, you can find them on PlugShare. One of the positive outcomes of the EVRT is that we encourage more charging stations to be built in areas where they are needed to pave the way to worry-free travel! During the last 2 EVRT events we have installed 30 charging points in the UAE and Oman

Will you tell us where to charge?

The road trip is a challenge, therefore it is down to the teams to navigate the route optimising on speed and distance! Good luck!

Do I need to have a driving license?

You can enjoy the Road Trip form the back seat without a license. But to drive, Road Trippers are required to have a full driving license issued from their place of residence (internationally recognised.) If you have a paper counterpart - we recommend you bring a photocopy just in case.

Can I get a discount if I come with a friend?

We offer 20% if you come with a friend and share the room.

What entertainment will there be?

Prepare to be thrilled - we will be taking a tour of the Wadi Shab, a tour of Muscat City, flying down the ToroVerde world’s longest zipline, the Musandam Dhow cruise in Khasab and taking in the view from the top of Dubai.  

Do I have to do all the activities?

No. Please let us know what activity you don’t want to do in the google forms sent to confirmed Road Trippers by our event team.

Do I need to bring my own money?

All of your hotels, meals and activities cost is inclusive in your Road Trip ticket! Bring some money with you for any extra munchies for the road or presents for your loved ones.

What will the weather be like in January in the UAE / Oman? The weather will average from 18 - 24 °C (64 - 75°F) during the day and can drop to 12°C (53°F) at night, so bring some warm layers!

What will the weather be like in January in the UAE / Oman?

The weather will average from 18 - 24 °C (64 - 75°F) during the day and can drop to 12°C (53°F) at night, so bring some warm layers!

What do I need to bring?

We would advise that you bring your passport, driving license, credit/debit cards (and photo copies), that you have an up-to-date health insurance, travel insurance, UAE Dirhams and Omani Rial, some emergency currency ($ or £), relevant medications (if you are carrying prescription please bring them or a Doctor’s letter) and a travel adapter so you can charge your phone and camera!

Do I need a travel adapter?

Both UAE and Oman use plug type G (3 pin British Standard)

How can i get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi? Please see some options:  

Airline Transfer: Both Etihad Airways ( and Emirates ( offer a bus service between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You must have an airline ticket to board these buses.

Emirates provide a shuttle services from Dubai International Airport at Terminal 3 to downtown Abu Dhabi. Four buses a day are available.

Etihad operates 10 buses a day from Dubai Marina Mall ( to Abu Dhabi Airport. You must make sure bus service is included when you purchase your Etihad Airways airline ticket.

Bus: To catch anE100 bus to Abu Dhabi, make your way to the Al Ghuibaiba bus station in downtown Dubai. Buses depart every 15 minutes. To catch an E101 bus, make your way to the Ibn Battuta bus station, which is connected at to the Ibn Battuta Mall ( in Dubai. Buses depart every hour for Abu Dhabi. Bus fare to Abu Dhabi was 20 UAE, or about $5.50 in U.S. dollars. You do not need to purchase a ticket at the ticket counter -- you pay the bus driver when you board the bus. Carry exact change because bus drivers will not have change to give you.

Taxi: Abu Dhabi is 150 km (93 miles) southwest of Dubai down Sheikh Zayed Road. You can rent a car or jump in a taxi, which will cost AED 250 if you flag one from the street or AED 150 if you pre-book with Al Ghazal Express (02-444-5885)



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