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20 Jan 2019

Electrifying Public Transport, Logistics & Supply Chains

This roundtable will share insights, questions and visions for the role that electric vehicles can play in helping Oman achieve its SOLS 2040 vision. Participants will discuss challenges, opportunities, benefits and barriers to EVs in public transport, logistics and supply chain management.

Sustainability, Environment & Climate Change

The electrification of our transport systems is one of the best ways to resolve air quality, improve the environment and tackle the problems of global climate change and carbon emissions. For businesses, there are reputational, strategic and even clear bottom-line benefits from becoming more sustainable through greater use of EVs. For governments looking to meet their Paris Agreement targets, EVs can also help lower the carbon footprint of the country.

Business and Economic Drivers, Opportunities and Challenges

What are the real business benefits and costs of EVs? How can companies build a compelling business case for investment? What financing, buy-back, leasing, insurance, fuel and running costs should be considered for a total cost of ownership view of EVs? What economic drivers are at play? Can an accelerated uptake of EVs help Oman achieve its economic diversification plans?

Regulation and Policy Needs and Preparedness

What key tax, policy, regulatory, legal changes are needed to move forward with eMobility? What are the major stumbling blocks? How do we ensure different stakeholders are all heard? Can a a "Tanfeedh labs"€ style approach help ensure we achieve the optimal regulatory outcomes?

EV Charging & Infrastructure

Who pays for the infrastructure: Public or private sector or a combination of both? How can the service be monetised and where will the revenue come from? What pricing models will work? What are the obstacles to mass rollout of EV charging? What policy and tax incentives could help speed up the roll out of charging stations?

Ben Hill, Former Vice President - Tesla Europe, Africa and Middle East
Carlo Papa, Director - Enel Foundation (italy)
Fares Al Mazrooei, Founder & CEO - VOLT
Joachim Bergerhoff, Subject Matter Expert Public Services (Bus, Taxi, Ferry & Post) - Asyad
Khalid Al Haribi, Founder & MD - Impact Integrated
Mahmoud Al-Wahaibi, Research & Logistics Analyst - Secretariat General of the Supreme Council for Planning
Rafael de Mestre , CEO - eco Grand Prix / 80edays
Sanjeev Madavi, Director of Technology - ASYAD
Sunil Sharma, Founder - Electrikcars.in


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